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Atlas Arteria


Atlas Arteria is a global owner, operator and developer of toll roads. Atlas Arteria’s vision is to benefit communities through reduced travel time, greater time certainty, reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions and to provide an enjoyable travel experience.

The Atlas Arteria Group consists of five businesses. This includes a 31.14% interest in the APRR toll road group in France. Adjacent to the APRR business is the smaller ADELAC business which connects to APRR in south-east France. Together APRR and ADELAC comprise a 2,424km motorway network located in the East and South East of France. In the US, Atlas Arteria owns a 66.67% interest in the Chicago Skyway, a 12.5km toll road in Chicago and has 100% of the economic interest in the Dulles Greenway, a 22km toll road in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In Germany, Atlas Arteria owns 100% of the Warnow Tunnel in the north-east city of Rostock. The Company is headquartered in Australia and has approximately 45 corporate employees in offices in Australia, Europe and the US.

At Atlas Arteria how they achieve success and the legacy they leave is as important as the success itself. Their values of Safety, Transparency, Engagement, Environmental and social responsibility and Respect (STEER) are embedded in the Company’s culture. The Atlas Arteria Sustainability Framework comprises four sustainability priorities – Safety, Climate and Environmental Stewardship, Our people and Customers and Communities – supported by four business fundamentals – Governance, Ethics, values and culture, sustainable growth and Innovation and technology. The Framework governs the Company’s business practices and enables Atlas Arteria to fulfil its business potential and achieve success in a way that is both responsible and sustainable.

Each year Atlas Arteria reports their progress on achieving their ambitious sustainability targets, which include safety, climate and gender diversity, in their annual Sustainability Report The Company is actively working toward achieving its targets and remains on track to achieve a 25% reduction in total scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. Atlas Arteria has achieved a 40/40/20 gender balance at corporate board level, in corporate senior executive and across all corporate employees and each year continues to strive to meet safety targets at its large and small businesses. Atlas Arteria published its first Modern Slavery Statement in 2020 and published its Human Rights Commitment Statement in 2024. Atlas Arteria has been a participant of the UNGC since April 2024.