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Adelaide Airport


Adelaide Airport is the gateway to South Australia enabling the movement of more than eight million passengers as Australia’s fifth largest domestic and international airport. Our purpose is to proudly connect and shape South Australia, and our Vision is to be everyone’s favourite airport – seamless, connected, easy.  We are privately owned and supported by five long-term institutional shareholders that fund the retirements of millions of Australians.

Sustainability remains at the core of our Strategic Plan and Vision. We seek to remain ahead of current and emerging environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities. We must protect and grow our long-term value for our shareholders, customers, people, partners and the community. We strive for sustainability excellence as a global airports sector leader. This means allocating capital, embedding sustainability into our processes and investing time to build partnerships. Sustainability targets for decarbonisation, waste landscapes and water drive our capital investment and operational programs.

Through our integrated reporting approach, we articulate our broad range of measures that contribute to long-term value and the role Adelaide Airport plays in society, bringing together the material information about how our strategy, governance and performance create value over the short, medium and long-term for shareholders and other important stakeholders.

We are actively contributing towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and have established complementary sustainability targets for energy, water, waste, landscapes and decarbonisation.