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Joyce Foam Products


Joyce Foam Products are leaders in Australia’s foam manufacturing, crafting an extensive range of flexible open-cell polyurethane foams for industries spanning bedding, furniture, medical, & specialised industrial applications. They actively integrate sustainability & well-being into their business framework, striving to propel positive industry change.

Central to their approach is a commitment to environmentally sensitive manufacturing. Joyce Foam relentlessly pursues innovative pathways to reduce environmental impact. All foam is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, reducing their emissions by up to 79% between 2011 & 2020.
They envision creating a circular economy, embedding waste minimisation, reliance on renewable resources, & robust recycling practices into their production processes.
Joyce Foam is certified by the third-party organisation Global GreenTag & collaborates with the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council to spearhead a greener, more socially responsible industry & society.

Joyce Foam’s manufacturing approach prioritises responsible production. They foam to order for just-in-time delivery to ensure efficient resource utilisation, reduced surplus production & lowered risk of overproduction.
Joyce Foam has integrated a bio-based antimicrobial sourced from coconuts, deliberately selected for its environmentally non-invasive procurement process, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem & without causing resource deprivation to local communities. They ensure all components are responsibly sourced & safe for consumers.

Joyce Foam is deeply committed to the welfare of their workforce and the broader community. As part of this commitment, they support the work of IIMPACT Australia, sponsoring regional learning centres in India to address the literacy disparity in young girls. They prioritise a safe and nurturing work environment, actively promoting work-life balance & a range of initiatives fostering mental well-being, resulting in an average employee tenure of 14 years.