Benefits of joining
the UN Global Compact



Generate Positive Social Impact

  • The UN Global Compact will guide you in developing and implementing sustainability strategies to make a difference across four core areas – Human Rights; Labour; the Environment; and Anti-Corruption – and contribute to broader societal goals, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We help our participants to shape the responsible business environment.


Adopt a Robust Sustainability Framework

  • Our Ten Principles provide a universally respected foundation for sustainable business.
  • We support Australian-based companies seeking to maximise the value of their engagement with the UN Global Compact.


Meet Stakeholder Expectations

  • Consumers, investors, employees, and regulators are demanding that business demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and many recognise the UN Global Compact as the leading platform for achieving this.


Access Networking & Learning Opportunities

  • We convene participants and leading practitioners from business, government, academia, and civil society to create opportunities for knowledge exchange across sectors.
  • Our events and programming offerings enable deeper discussions about issues of special importance to participants.
  • Our monthly Bulletin provides information on engagement opportunities with the UN Global Compact and other organisations actively promoting responsible business.

More than 85% of participants are satisfied or very
satisfied with their company’s participation in UNGCNA

If you connect and speak with any other organisation, it’s going to be Global Compact that gives you the most value.

– Brambles Ltd

Commitment to the Ten Principles has strengthened and enhanced the business sustainability governance and strategy.

– Mineral Resources Limited

The team have all been very helpful and accommodating, providing us with prompt responses and clear, relevant resources…

– Piping Hot Australia

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