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TRu Brands


TRu Brands are safety specialists supplying Australian customers with assured workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE).

TRu Brands delivers safety for Australia’s unique environmental demands with a portfolio of engineered workwear and PPE brands that cater to these conditions. TRu has quickly become a staple in the heavy industrial sector on the west coast and filtered through product reliability into the eastern seaboard. Trusted Australian brands TRu Workwear, Bool Protective Technologies, Force360, Graphex and Bata Industrials Safety Footwear are housed under TRu Brands’ rigorous safety management.

TRu Workwear is the first Australian workwear brand to certify its range to Australian/New Zealand safety standards. By entrusting BSI global as a third-party certified, TRu verifies garment safety claims are accurately tested.

Bool Protective Technologies pioneers’ high-performance FR workwear that protect against arc flash and flash fire hazards. Investing in the safety of workers withstanding low light sources, strong heat, open arcs, chemicals, or static hazards on Australia’s most danger prone sites.

TRu Brands want TRu Change. Taking cooperate responsibility for product safety and fair labour, committing to audits, including Sedex’s SMETA report and other assessment tools to maintain ethical practices along the supply chain.

TRu are proud brand partners with Mates in Construction, Mining and Energy to improve mental health and suicide prevention literacy, increase help-seeking and help offering and engage the workforce in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

The Australian Workforce needs safety specialists who lead with certification and ethical business. TRu Brands will continue to deliver Australian distributors and independent wholesalers who share the value and practice of safety.


Visit: www.trubrands.com.au