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Tindo Solar


Tindo Solar is a manufacturer of solar panels based in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide. The company was formed in 2010 and is wholly Australian owned and operated. The solar manufacturing plant was constructed and commenced manufacturing operations in August of 2011. Located 12 km north of the Adelaide CBD in the heart of Technology Park in the City of Salisbury, South Australia, Tindo sits proudly amongst some of the most technology advanced companies in the Country.

Tindo designs and manufactures technologically advanced and premium quality solar photovoltaic (PV) modules which are specifically tailored to suit the harsh Australian environment. The Tindo Solar panel production line is highly automated and helping to create the next generation of high tech, green, advanced manufacturing jobs in Australia.

At Tindo Solar we are committed to providing an Australian product that can be benchmarked against any panel in the world. We have taken extensive steps in our manufacturing process and quality control to ensure the quality and reliability of our panels.

In accordance with The Clean Energy Council performance testing guidelines, we ensure that every Tindo Karra module is tested and inspected multiple times, so that our customers get the performance that is on the nameplate rating, no exceptions!

Tindo Solar never substitutes components for cheaper elements; we guarantee only the best quality components make up our high performance modules. Since the Tindo Karra Solar Panel range is made right here in South Australia, our panels spend less time being shipped, therefore dramatically reducing the risk of any micro-cracks in the panels, ensuring the high efficiency we promise is exactly what you get.