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Think Impact


Think Impact comprises highly experienced sustainability, impact measurement, and reporting specialists. We work with clients to understand, communicate, and transform the social and environmental impact of their work. We are committed to building long term and collaborative working partnerships with our clients.

We provide strategic advice, consultancy and training services to support organisations from all sectors to improve their future readiness, solve complex problems and develop new solutions by supporting organisations to:

  • Understand – evaluating social change initiatives, intended approaches or ideas to understand how change is happening or will happen and for whom. We increase impact literacy, build understanding of the evidence base, build capacity to measure what matters and support identification of the best data to collect.
  • Communicate – convey sustainability and social impact using innovative approaches to disclosure and story-telling and the design of infographics and data visualisation. We build capacity to communicate the change that is happening or will happen more effectively, both internally in organisations and externally to key stakeholders.
  • Transform – increasing and amplifying the intended impact through embedding approaches that work so that they become core to the strategy of an organisation or a system. We build capacity to realign strategy, business models and service delivery to achieve greater impact.