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Guide to better link diversity and inclusion and corporate sustainability within companies

UN Global Compact Network Australia | July 28, 2016

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) within the workplace, marketplace and community is key to long-term business success. It can also significantly advance corporate sustainability goals.

Currently, D&I is often siloed in a particular business function (such as Human Resources or Procurement) and communications are not always coordinated. The UN Global Compact is developing a guide to highlight the benefits to business of including D&I in broader corporate sustainability strategies.

To do so, the UN Global Compact is looking to interview corporate sustainability and D&I personnel from across sectors, to gather real life experiences and practical examples of good practice.

To find out more on the guidance and how companies can contribute, please see the Concept Note. If you are interested in being interviewed or offering good practice case studies around D&I, please get in touch.

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