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IQ Energy Australia


IQ Energy Australia is a company founded in Melbourne with the vision of ‘Redeeming the World’s Waste’ which was imagined while seeking to solve growing waste problems in low to middle income countries and recognising the need to incentivise waste collection to stop it being burnt, landfilled or lost into the environment. IQ Energy Australia aims to accelerate the region’s evolving Circular Economy through collaboration and to have a positive impact on many of the SDGs by addressing local issues with local solutions and by redeeming environmental damaging waste streams to ensure they remain useful resources. IQ Energy Australia is partnered with IQ Energy Inc. in Canada who have significant experience in thermal treatments such as indirect drying, gasification and pyrolysis, with over 75 years of collective experience designing 25 infrastructure size plants across North America.

IQ Energy Australia’s business model is sales, service and support and provides technology solutions that are affordable and accessible which allow local companies to be the operators. The IQ units are manufactured, transportable, decentralised and can have a wide range of positive impacts for the community, including employment, health and hygiene. The units reduce the communities waste footprint and deal with long term waste issues, such as legacy wastes. The units are automated with the ability to be controlled by a smart device via satellite and they have a user-friendly digital PLC interface which allows full and simple control and the ability for remote data support and assisted monitoring. The modular nature of the equipment allows them to get to where the waste is and to scale to the size of the local waste stream. The units produce safe and clean resources to build sustainable communities, such as clean water for the community, heat or renewable gas for industry or biochar, fertiliser and mineral ash for agricultural purposes.

Currently in development is a modular, scalable and containerised IQ Advanced Recycling unit that will recycle dirty and mixed plastics back into a plastic derived crude oil or gas that can be further refined into a variety of consumer or industrial products, including virgin plastics. The first commercial IQ Advanced Recycling unit is currently being assembled in Canada and the aim is to have this operational by early 2022. IQ Energy Australia also has Gasifier and Indirect Dryer units which have been designed for use on manures, sewage sludges, organics, and other wet wastes.