Beth Nelson

Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY

Beth is a Director in EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team, leading the decarbonisation agenda. Beth focuses on supporting organisations to identify, manage and disclose the risks and opportunities presented by climate change and the transition towards net zero emissions. Beth has both a deep and broad understanding of the international climate change context and experience in supporting a range of climate change strategies, net zero emissions planning and target setting, and low carbon investment planning projects. Beth has worked with many private organisations across a range of sectors as well as with different scales of government to support climate action planning and strategy development.

Beth’s experience includes working with a range of international partners to develop better outcomes. In the years prior to the Paris Agreement, Beth was the UK’s climate change engagement lead, working to secure ambitious commitments to climate action and strengthen collaboration conducive to a global agreement on climate change.

Beth’s international experience also includes managing a portfolio of climate finance investments that aim to reduce emissions whilst supporting the positive social impact and sustainable economic growth.