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Talent Nation, a Certified B Corporation, connects purpose-driven candidates with purpose-driven roles to help drive sustainability and environmental agendas within corporate and Not for Profit clients. Understanding that a real impact in sustainability initiatives can’t be made without the right people in place, our mission is to unearth these people and connect them with the roles and businesses in which they will thrive.

With shifting legislation comes a change in the skills that are in demand. We understand current legislation and the mega-trends that are impacting the needs and objectives of businesses, to ensure they are addressing the broad demands of their stakeholders.

Talent Nation has extensive networks to tap into to fill the increasingly in-demand Sustainability roles, and the ability to identify candidates who have not only the skillset and experience, but mirror the values, passion and vision of their future employer.

Based in Melbourne, Talent Nation is a specialist recruitment firm focusing on Sustainability, Environment, Energy, Not-for-Profit and Responsible Investment.