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DataMesh Group


DataMesh Group is focused on revolutionising the payment systems available to merchants and retailers, delivering integrated payment capabilities and valuable customer insights through bespoke payment and data processing solutions.
Our financial switching software has resolved payments technology and compliance issues for major retailers and their customers while maintaining robust relationships with banking and regulatory partners.
Our suite of financial payment systems software, infrastructure and data analytics products provide streamlined, low cost and flexible payment solutions across point-of-sale (POS) systems and various next gen payment devices.
Our payment orchestration is the coordination and management of multiple payment systems and processes to provide a seamless, end-to-end payment experience for customers. It involves integrating various payment methods and channels, such as credit/debit cards, online banking, mobile wallets and more, onto a single platform and automating the payment process from start to finish. The goal of our payment orchestration is to provide a unified and streamlined payment experience for customers, reducing friction and increasing conversion rates. By orchestrating the various payment systems and processes, DataMesh can help businesses manage and optimise their payment operations, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.
Importantly, we enable retailers to design the experience they deliver to customers, providing the technology they wish to deploy, creating a hub for commerce and data that merchants, acquirers, card schemes and third parties can use to achieve better business outcomes.
With a highly experienced Board and Executive team, we operate under the strict regulatory guidelines of PCI-DSS and the Australian Payments Network. Data collected by our software is always safe and secure.
We’re globally relevant expanding our services through Asia Pacific, North America and the United Arab Emirates, trusted by global banks and institutional merchants and proudly exporting Aussie IP to the world.