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South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre


The South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre (SAALC), operated by the YMCA Aquatic Events and Services, has a rich history of serving the community since its establishment. Opened in 2011, the centre was designed to meet the growing demand for quality aquatic facilities in South Australia. From its inception, SAALC has been committed to fostering health, wellness, and community engagement through its programs and services. This includes being committed to the best environmental choices via supply chain choices, using an environmental lens on all business decisions and working to the objectives of the United Nations, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals.

YMCA Aquatic and Events Services will transparently communicate this commitment to our stakeholders and the public at large.

Over the years, SAALC has played a pivotal role in supporting the community by providing access to swimming lessons, fitness programs, and recreational activities for people of all ages and abilities. Its inclusive approach has helped individuals develop essential life skills, improve physical fitness, and build social connections.

SAALC has also been a hub for major events in swimming and aquatics. Hosting numerous national and international competitions, including Olympic and Paralympic trials, showcasing the facility’s world-class amenities and capabilities. These events promote elite sports, inspire the local community, and allow aspiring athletes to witness firsthand top-level competition.

Through its dedication to health, sport, and community development, the YMCA-operated SAALC continues to be a vital asset in South Australia, enriching the lives of countless individuals and contributing to the region’s sporting legacy.