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Waste Services Group (WSG)


The group was formed in 2016 and since that time Waste Services Group (WSG) has gone through significant growth both organically and via M&A, becoming the fastest growing business in the Australian waste sector.

WSG operates in the commercial and industrial segment of the waste market operating three divisions, being Collections, Managed Services and Liquids as well as an additional stand-alone waste consultancy business.

Collections operates via their brands Premier Waste, Superior Waste and Wastefree providing waste collection and disposal services to predominantly SME commercial and industrial customers, with a strong focus on customer service and providing solutions to a wide range of customer needs including diversion from landfill. WSG’s customers span a variety of sectors including consumer products distribution, healthcare, education, logistics, manufacturing, and automotive.

Managed Services, under the Wasteflex brand, is the largest business of its kind in Australia which delivers innovative waste services via a network of over 200 contractors, co-ordinating waste collection and disposals, invoice and reporting consolidation, and ESG related solutions for clients.

WSG’s Liquids divisions, through the CSA Specialised Services and Argus brands, supports clients with the collection and processing of liquid waste across a number of industry segments in Melbourne and SE QLD. Operations include liquid waste collection and processing, resource recovery, and servicing the utilities and infrastructure sectors with non-destructive digging, drain cleaning, location services, and specialised industrial services.

Globally, the waste management industry is going through a green transition. Customer preferences for waste providers to help them achieve and report on sustainability goals is becoming more important and WSG is well- placed to be the preferred provider. Unlike many competitors, WSG does not own any legacy post collections assets and therefore has flexibility to pivot quickly as new disposal and resource recovery alternatives and technology come to the market.

WSG’s leadership team continue to develop solutions that are central to delivering waste management in as sustainable a way as possible, to drive resource recovery and support a circular economy, and are strong advocates for the role WSG can play in environmental sustainability.