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Partners in Performance


Partners in Performance is a global management consulting firm that specialises in business transformation. We focus on assisting clients to deliver operations and capital improvements across Australasia, North and Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Working together as close partners, we enable our clients to drive lasting positive impact for their business, for their relationships with suppliers, customers and local communities. Real change matters to us, rather than simply delivering smart strategies. By energising teams to create ongoing organisational improvements, we enable business transformation that works.

At the root of our commitment to clients is not just business improvement, but that of behavioural transformation. We pride ourselves in disrupting traditional models of optimisation to unleash the full potential of the organisation and deliver real lasting change.

We know that sustainability matters – legally, ethically and operationally. As a firm, we uphold the principles of the UN Global Compact, the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Sustainable Development Framework and Workforce Gender Equality. We have successfully improved environmental and safety performance in many operations and help clients add more value to disadvantaged communities. Our Consultants know that the fundamental disciplines of effective goal-setting, clear accountability and disciplined behaviour are good for operations and good for sustainability.