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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia (FBAU)


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia (FBAU) is part of a world-leading enterprise supplying business and document management services. Through its broad portfolio of document technology, services, software and supplies, FBAU provides essential back-office support that clears the way for customers to focus on their core business. 

FBAU is built on foundations of ethics and integrity. These foundations ensure the longevity and profitability of our business, so we can continue to provide rewarding opportunities for our people, sound solutions for our customers, returns for our shareholders, minimise our impact on the planet and add value to society. We are led by the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp., a United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) member since 2002. We are also members of the Global Compact Network Australia. Having received several awards including the United Nations 500 Roll of Honour for environmental leadership and the Banksia Award for Leading in Sustainability, FBAU (formerly Fuji Xerox Australia) is well recognised for its commitment to sustainability. 

FBAU products, solutions and services are designed and developed to minimise environmental impacts over their entire lifecycle without compromising the user experience. Our devices are energy efficient with most models carrying ENERGY Star and Eco Mark certification. FBAU has a commitment to zero waste to landfill for products and consumables collected from our customers and has been achieving this goal since 2012. We are well known for our industry leading end-of-life product resource recovery programs and partnerships. 

We believe our business should benefit society and support the local communities in which we operate. A key focus area for social impact is education for future generations. Our community engagement involves volunteering, financial and in-kind support, and exploring how we can add greater value through strategic partnerships and skilled volunteering.