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Duxton Capital Australia


Duxton Capital Australia is a leading participant in Australian agricultural investments, being established in 2014 as the Australian arm of the Duxton group after being spun out of the Deutsche Bank Complex Assets team in 2009. As at 31st of December 2021, Duxton has approximately A$1 billion in assets under and advice, predominantly invested in Australian agriculture. Duxton provides institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals with access to specialist investment opportunities through institutional mandates, collective investment vehicles and ASX listed stocks.

Duxton’s investment philosophy is to identify and capitalise on macroeconomic thematic through fundamental active management. The investments Duxton undertakes are an outcome of its core thesis that demand for agricultural commodities will increase substantially over the long term, underpinned by a growing global population and an emerging middle class, with this demand amplified by a global degradation of arable land. Duxton seeks to build resilient companies which create value independently of short-term fluctuations in economic conditions, act as an effective hedge against inflation and have low correlation with traditional asset classes. Where possible an emphasis is placed on diversification across three vectors: geography, to account for climate variability, weather risk, water availability and soil type; commodities, to ensure broad exposure to different income streams; and management.

Underpinning their investment philosophy is their ongoing commitment to sustainability. They believe that not only does sustainable agriculture have the opportunity to have impact at scale in finding solutions to the world’s environmental challenges, but that healthy and sustainable production systems are a prerequisite for a healthy bottom line and long-term value creation for investors. Duxton is committed to improve and continue sustainable farming practices, placing value on environmental preservation for future generations.


Visit: www.duxtonam.com