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Arafura Resources


Arafura Resources Limited is a 100% domiciled Australian company with a world class rare earths resource in the Northern Territory. Its flagship project, Nolans, is considered to hold one of the largest deposits of rare earths in the world with the potential of supporting mining and processing operations for 30 – 40 years.

Located 135 kilometres north of Alice Springs in Central Australia, the project is anticipated to supply 10 per cent of global demand for Neodymium-Praseodymium, a critical mineral in the manufacturing of permanent magnets. These products are essential components for electric vehicles and renewable energy applications such as wind turbines.

The Northern Territory project will deliver substantial social and economic benefits to the local community in addition to territory and national governments. This will include indigenous and local employment opportunities, small and medium enterprise business opportunities, royalties and taxes, and potentially shared infrastructure.

Arafura will manufacture oxide on-site to highly regulated standards, through sensitively managing progressive site rehabilitation, onsite management in the disposal of waste, providing traceability from mine to final products.

Overall, Arafura’s commitment is to be a trusted global leader and supplier for sustainably mined and processed rare earth products, helping customers to deliver clean and energy-efficient technologies. Arafura is committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from the Nolans Project by 2050.