Our Members

Elemera Pty Ltd


Elemera are the explosive atmosphere experts. They provide safety solutions to blue chip energy and resource customers across Australia and South East Asia. They are focussed on making hazardous areas safe and productive through innovative thinking, best in-class compliance and integrated offerings to meet the challenging needs of our customers. Through their group of specialist companies Elemera protect people, preserve assets and improve productivity.

Elmera’s three sub-brands – Safehouse, Inlex and EXIO are market leaders in their chosen fields, each contributing their own unique safety-based solutions to solve the complex problems of clients.

Safehouse is Australia’s leading provider of pressurised welding habitats and rental equipment specifically designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. With 20 years experience in the market and an exemplary safety record, they have the knowledge, experience and capacity to meet the changing needs of our customers in an ever-changing energy environment.

Inlex is Australia’s first and only IECEx certified inspection and maintenance facility, giving customers the highest possible level of assurance when it comes to ensuring the integrity of their assets, in turn keeping people safe and productive.

EXIO is a manufacturer of innovative and explosion proof products designed specifically to be utilised in potentially explosive atmospheres. With many years of experience focussed solely on electrical equipment for hazardous areas, their products ensure that work in hazardous areas is conducted safely and efficiently.

As a responsible member of the communites in which we operate, Elemera understand the impact our operations today can have on future generations. Their mission extends far beyond economic performance and they are proud of their contribution to sustainable work practices.

As a Climate Active, carbon neutral certified business, with an endorsed reconciliation action plan, Elemera is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on environmental responsibility.