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Cultural Infusion


Cultural Infusion was founded in Melbourne in 2002 to promote intercultural understanding worldwide and is now one of Australia’s leading cultural enterprises. Their vision is to create cultural harmony. Their mission to build harmony though intercultural measurement and action with better equality and inclusion.

Cultural Infusion has an established track record in using a unique approach to education, culture and technology to develop innovative services and products that foster a better understanding of intercultural harmony and cultural diversity that educate and improve people’s approach to equality and inclusion in their workplaces and communities through experiential learning from Cultural Infusion’s diverse workforce.

Cultural Infusion supports the Cultural Infusion Foundation which is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation. The Foundation, its Board and its small, dedicated staff work to support disadvantaged people in Australia and internationally.

Cultural Infusion was the first organisation to develop a commercially successful cultural diversity arts service delivery model in Australia. It used its expertise in culture, education and the arts to deliver a national schools service delivery program that goes out to 350,000 students annually. Cultural Infusion also produces and delivers large scale international cultural arts productions for international intergovernmental organisations and federal, state and local governments including producing 9 Australia Day Concerts including major festivals and productions overseas. To broaden its capabilities and access to its programs, Cultural Infusion has developed a number digital products and platforms, that in their own unique way promote intercultural understanding through experiences, learning and cultural diversity measurement.

Cultural infusion’s Diversity Atlas is now being used by some of the largest multinational companies and organisations in the world. Other digital products that Cultural infusion has developed include Inclusion Atlas and Sound Infusion. 

Many of these products have been recognised by major international organisations and have been recipients of national and international awards, including the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Intercultural Innovation Award, World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), the ANZIA Award, and the Serious Games Showcase Australasia – Industry Category award.

Cultural Infusion work to understand our cultural diversity and build harmony and wellbeing through contributing to a society that:

  • Can meaningfully measure the richness and diversity in people that exists in our world
  • Values intercultural understanding
  • Utilises its cultural richness to benefit society as a whole
  • Uses cultural and artistic expression as a means of promoting social cohesion.