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Krost Furniture


Krost Business Furniture stands as one of Australia’s premier commercial furniture manufacturer and supplier.

Their principal value proposition is that supplying high quality and complete office furniture solutions, including local manufacture of worktops and joinery, local assembly and upholstery, delivery, installation, placement and packaging removal at a competitive price, within industry best turnaround times.

Since they started selling office furniture back in 1989, they’ve followed 3 key principles.

1. Offer the best service
2. Provide the highest quality
3. Sell at a fair price.

These ideals have remained the keystones of their company’s success and at the heart of everything Krost does. Through their office furniture selection, they will help shape the right corporate image, have the most productive workplace and create the largest possible return on investment.

Their turnkey commercial furniture service features a diverse and exclusive collection available to view in showrooms, catalogue and on their website. With two world-class showrooms located in Sydney and Melbourne and a comprehensive product range, they are equipped to provide a complete office furniture solution.

All their workstations and desktops are manufactured in Australia, allowing them to offer a diverse and high-quality furniture unmatched in the industry. Krost manufacture using only world’s best practice methodologies on some of the most technologically advanced machinery available.

At Krost, they take pride in delivering unparalleled service for complete office solutions, crafted in Australia with precision, quality, and affordability, ensuring an exceptional return on investment.