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VIDEO | Unpacking the 2023 Global Slavery Index

Chris Caskey | July 4, 2023

As part of the UN Global Compact Network Australia’s Modern Slavery Impact Initiative (MSII), we will be releasing a series of short Bite-sized Learning videos unpacking key modern slavery risk issues and topics for Australian businesses.

In our sixth episode, Manager, Human Rights at the UNGCNA, Chris Caskey, spoke to Serena Grant, Head of Business Engagement and Elise Gordon, Manager, Global Research at Walk Free to unpack the latest 2023 Global Slavery Index (GSI) release.

In this video, Serena and Elise discuss the headline findings in the 2023 GSI, such as the impact of ‘compounding crisis’, including climate change, armed conflict, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Serena and Elise also discuss the methodology behind some of the metrics in the GSI, including the nature of representative interviews used to assess the prevalence of certain types of modern slavery. The group also discuss practical ways that businesses can use the updated datasets – such as going beyond the prevalence estimates and tailoring their supply chain engagement based on different drives of vulnerability.

In 2021, there were an estimated 49.6 million people living in conditions of modern slavery worldwide, with increasing prevalence in the Asia Pacific. As modern slavery remains a key human rights risk for Australian businesses, this video aims to raise awareness and support businesses in Australia in understanding the imperative to identify, manage and mitigate their modern slavery related risks.

This content was funded by the Australian Government through the National Community Crime Prevention Program: Modern Slavery Grant opportunity. The views expressed in this video are the presenter’s alone and are not necessarily the views of the Australian Government.

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Chris Caskey

Chris is a human rights professional with experience in human rights law, business and human rights, modern slavery, and regulatory risk advisory. At the UNGCNA, Chris co-leads our Human Rights workstream, manages the delivery of our Modern Slavery Impact Initiative and leads the UNGCNA engagement with the Dhawura Ngilan Business & Investor Initiative.