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UNGC launches new guide for bringing integrity to companies’ water stewardship initiatives

UN Global Compact Network Australia | September 3, 2015

During World Water Week, the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate announced the first comprehensive guide on forming multi-stakeholder water stewardship initiatives with integrity.

The Guide for Managing Integrity in Water Stewardship Initiatives: A Framework for Improving Effectiveness and Transparency [PDF] recommends good practices for developing water stewardship initiatives in an inclusive and transparent manner that ensures sustainable water management.

The CEO Water Mandate’s multi-stakeholder sessions during World Water Week this year focused on bringing together a variety of experts from the private sector, civil society, governments, UN Agencies, and others to explore critical issues that advance corporate water stewardship and help to meet the anticipated Sustainable Development Goal on Water and Sanitation.

Read more about the CEO Water Mandate here.

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