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Zenviron is a highly experienced, full-service BOP contractor specialising in the design and construction of large scale renewable energy projects in Australia and New Zealand. Led by some of the top minds in the industry, we bring together experience, innovation and commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the risks and impacts of climate change.

Our dedication to reducing greenhouse gas and the risks and impacts of climate change is driven by our commitment to provide industry leading solutions to large scale solar and wind power markets.

Zenviron is committed to managing and optimising our sustainability contribution and performance through delivering economic, social and environmentally responsible outcomes, across our planning, procurement, design, construction and operation activities.

To design and deliver projects with lighter environmental footprints and enhanced social and economic outcomes Zenviron aims to:

  • Integrate environmental and sustainability strategies with business planning
  • Reduce waste and use less materials, energy and water
  • Integrate sustainability into our procurement and supply chains
  • Engage, educate and train personnel who will support and drive sustainability
  • Enhance relationships with customers, suppliers and communities
  • Boost the economic viability of regions, local businesses and services
  • Measure our carbon footprint and manage emissions
  • Manage environmental risk and ensure compliance
  • Work with our key suppliers and customers to reduce risk and cost – and get the best environmental results
  • Measure and report our performance, to improve the way we do things on our projects, in our offices and in our communities