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“Blackwoods, is a leading provider of industrial supplies and is the largest operating unit of Wesfarmers Industrial and safety. Blackwoods products and services include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety workwear, welding and gas, power and hand tools, lubrication and adhesives, office, kitchen and hygiene, as well as specialist services such as inventory management, shutdown solutions, and technical support. Today Blackwoods support businesses, big and small, with our range of over 300,000 products.

Blackwoods is proud to provide products and services that are essential to the economic growth and prosperity of our country. Every day we help more people to build a better Australia.

Blackwoods is committed to people, community, responsible sourcing, human rights, product safety & quality, diversity, workplace health & safety and environmental practices. Further information on Blackwoods sustainability actions can be found here and on the Wesfarmers website here.