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Young Henrys


Young Henrys is an independent brewery from Sydney, Australia, springing from the cultural melting pot of the city’s inner west in 2012, we’ve grown to become a national brand. As a company we’re committed to investing and supporting the mates within our community, the arts and cultural scenes across the country as well as our diverse but fragile environment.

The diverse cultures in Newtown, the location of our humble origins, and the mates we’ve made along the way have always influenced the direction of where Young Henrys has headed. So our commitment to having an understanding and welcoming atmosphere at our brewery, and any events we support or play a part in, is at the top of our minds.

Our diverse community is also fortunate to include numerous arts institutions and live music venues, as such we count many participants in these scenes on our staff. Former band members, touring musicians, dancers, artists, photographers and more. We love to support the arts in a variety of ways, from gallery openings to 50,000+ music festivals, it’s woven into the fabric of our family and will always be the heart of the company.

Australia is a country which really feels the pinch of climate heating. We have such a unique ecosystem and so we fully recognise our role as a conscientious company, but also a carbon emitter to do everything within our abilities to minimise that output. That includes investing in carbon-cleansing algae research with a prominent Sydney University, UTS, to production changes to minimise plastic and maximise recyclables, as well as installing community solar farms to power our brewing.