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Using proven technology from the USA, TRUEGRID Australia locally manufactures 100% Recycled HDPE paving systems for ground-stability, commercial gravel or grass parking, residential paving, stormwater management solutions and as an engineered alternative to concrete and asphalt.

TRUEGRID Recycled HDPE Permeable Grid Pavers are the future of porous pavement as they are 100% permeable, manage increased stormwater flows from higher intensity rainfall, detain and retain Stormwater below and reduce the effect of pollutants in the water. TRUEGRID delivers a fully engineered drive on surface for any vehicle load.

The TRUEGRID mission is to create a cleaner urban environment with less urban flooding, improved tree health and a lowering of the Urban Heat Island Effect.

TRUEGRID delivers a truly circular product using post-consumer HDPE industrial wastage to provide long-term real-world outcomes on a commercial scale that provides tangible benefits that make a sustainable impact now.

Reduce the Amount of Concrete and Asphalt hardstand laid on the surface of Australia and Pave the Way to a More Sustainable Future.