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ResourceCo is a global leader in waste recycling, extracting maximum value from materials otherwise destined for landfill. They have remained at the forefront of established and emerging markets for recovered materials since the early 1990s and are strongly positioned to play a leading role in the global expansion of the resource recovery sector.

As the world moves away from a make, use, dispose model, they are determined to play their role in the recovery, recycling, and re-use of products, delivering tailored solutions across a wide range of industry sectors.

A pioneer in delivering carbon abatement, they work with governments, communities, and multinational companies to progress the circular economy and preserve natural resources for a sustainable future. With over 30 years of experience and 60 million tonnes of materials repurposed, they are leading the sustainability transformation.

ResourceCo is a recognised pioneer in the resource recovery sector, with operations spanning Australia and South-East Asia.

Their business pillars include Construction & Demolition waste, Commercial & Industrial Waste, Tyre Recycling, Soils and Energy from Waste.

They are committed to supporting Net Zero aspirations of organisations across Australia and continue to work with organisations on shared goals for greener supply chains by decarbonising through credible carbon transition plans.


Visit: www.resourceco.com.au