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Motion Energy


Motion Energy is an impact inspired organisation brought together by an ambition to drive positive change towards zero emissions transport. Our approach is built on the foundation that better business means a cleaner planet, cleaner air and stronger communities.

Our mission is to drive greater uptake and optimisation of clean transport solutions. Fuelled by our passion for a cleaner future, we’re helping organisations and individuals realise the complete economic and environmental value of electric vehicles and their associated infrastructure.

Motion Energy brings together decades of specialist expertise covering environmental markets, renewable energy, energy efficiency, impact reporting, audit assurance and finance. Our team has led the development of ‘first of a kind’ projects across a range of sectors, working with organisations including, governments, corporates, financial institutions, councils and individuals to optimise their impact and make a powerful statement about the future of our planet.  

Motion Energy works alongside our partners to measure their impact and generate new revenue streams through the creation and monetisation of carbon offsets associated with new and existing EV Infrastructure. Through assessment, confirmation of alignment with SDGs, impact reporting and ongoing management we’re helping our client’s realise the full value of EV programs.