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MTi Group


For more than 20 years, MTi GROUP have been developing, designing, manufacturing and deploying a huge range of drill and blast consumables which aid in optimizing blasting outcomes. Our products help improve mine to mill outputs by reducing oversize, back-break, fly-rock and vibration while reducing explosives costs and operational challenges and at the same time improving site safety. 

With operations in multiple countries and customers and suppliers all over the world, MTi is focused on developing a diverse workforce encouraging tolerance, empathy, and cultural understanding to ensure all dealings are conducted at the highest possible moral standard by team members with a global mindset.  

MTi is committed to finding the safest and most sustainable solution to mining challenges with an emphasis on operator health and safety while reducing environmental impact and ensuring community engagement in all areas of business.  

With a robust R&D program focused on innovative solutions, MTi strives for safer and more sustainable ways of designing and manufacturing our leading range of products. Respect for communities is the overarching call to action and this is achieved by a focus on human rights, health and safety, legislative compliance and sustainability.