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The safest personal protective equipment (PPE) is the right of every worker.

Private Brands are an Australian personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturer and wholesaler. A confident advocate for rigorous safety testing, Private Brands is a leading force in Australian PPE product certification.

Force360 is Private Brand’s flagship brand, with a head-to-toe range of safety equipment tailored to the requirements of Australian industrialised and trade workplace environments. Private Brands further meets safety mandates with specialised premium brands Graphex hand protection, Corpro respiratory protection and Bata Industrials Safety Footwear.

Safety is not only a physical but mental requirement. Private Brands are a proud brand partner with Mates in Construction, Mining and Energy to improve mental health and suicide prevention literacy, increase help-seeking and help offering and engage the workforce in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Private Brands commit to corporate sustainability with a company value system that meets the fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Open communication with manufacturers and stakeholders allows Private Brands to strive beyond due diligence.

Private Brands will continue proudly supporting professional PPE specialist distributors and independent wholesalers, who share and value the same dedication and focus to workplace safety. This support is extended to the UN Global Compact community.

Visit: www.privatebrands.com.au