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Nixora Group


Nixora Group is a professional service firm dedicated to support Governments and Financial Institutions in improving and excelling data management, business analytics, and reporting/visualisation.

It is an elite team of functional and technical experts – based in Australia and operating in Asia and Middle East – excelling in Enterprise Performance Management, Data Intelligence,  Governance, Risk Analytics and Compliance. We understand the value of diversity, and the strength that comes with a cross-skilled workforce. Nixora Group fully embraces Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the innovation that is occurring in Big Data, see technology as a great enabler for driving business results. We are creative problem-solvers, the ideal partner to turn unruly data into insight for better, faster decision making. Our software partners – Oracle, Moody’s, IBM, ServiceNow, Otzma, ASG, AxiomSl and AWS –  are the category leaders, and together, we are revolutionising the way Government and  Financial Institutions are using cloud computing and business analytics.