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Tagai Management Consultants


Founded in 2014, Tagai Management Consultants is an award-winning management consultancy with a proven track record of providing culturally appropriate innovative and tailored management consulting services to Communities, Industry and Government agencies in Australia and the Asia/Pacific region. A Supply Nation Certified Supplier, we create exceptional value for our clients through implementation of industry-wide best practices. Our services include:

  • Procurement/Supply chain:  We specialise in procurement and supply chain management consulting services to ensure sustainable commercial and/or social goals are achieved.
  • Business Advisory:  Our goal is to work with you to achieve your targeted business vision and social / commercial goals.
  • Community Development:  We pride ourselves in achieving sustainable outcomes between community and Government and Industry regardless of the focus through culturally appropriate and agile engagement services.
  • Advanced futures:  Our company is a leader in providing innovative solutions incorporating advanced technology platforms such as virtual reality and augmented reality.  Our highly experienced team have designed and developed world first technology solutions; working from concept design, providing clear strategy through to execution.