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MONEYME is a digital lender that’s shaking up the lending industry in Australia.

With a mission to challenge the traditional banks, MONEYME uses smart technology to do the heavy lifting and provide Australians with credit products that are faster, simpler and 100% free of unnecessary paperwork.

At MONEYME, they lead by example. They care deeply about people and the planet, and believe that accountability and transparency are key to ensuring a positive impact on the community at large. To solidify MONEYME’s commitment to a more sustainable future, they have embedded environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values into company constitution. By cementing them into our highest governing document, MONEYME are bound to consider ESG stakeholders in every strategic decision made as a company.

MONEYME is continually working on initiatives which align with their values and support the principles of the UN Global Compact, including promoting diversity and inclusion, mitigating modern slavery, taking concrete steps towards a greener future, and partnerships with charities and causes they are passionate about.

MONEYME are committed to taking action on climate change. As a digital lender with no manufactured products, MONEYME’s environmental impact is comparatively minimal. However, they care a great deal about the environment and intend to be carbon neutral certified well before the 2050 Paris Agreement target. MONEYME are already using 100% renewable energy at their headquarters, have introduced a carbon offset initiative in partnership with Greenfleet, offsetting millions of kilometres driven each year, and continue to take steps to reach their environmental targets.

To uphold human rights and ensure they have a positive impact on the community at large, MONEYME is committed to continuously assessing and improving their approach to mitigating modern slavery. They voluntarily submitted an inaugural Modern Slavery Statement to the Australian Border Force’s Modern Slavery Register in financial year 2022, and will review their supply chain to ensure suppliers meet the same high standards.

At MONEYME, they embrace diversity and inclusion wholeheartedly. They include an Acknowledgement of Country as a standing item at companywide updates and have a public Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. This means MONEYME have made a public commitment to scoping and developing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, deciding on a vision for reconciliation, and exploring their sphere of influence.