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M.J. Bale


M.J. Bale is a 100% Australian-owned menswear brand renowned for their collaborations with local science and agricultural communities. They are the first Australian fashion brand to be Climate Active-certified as carbon neutral, covering both products and organisation.

In 2020 M.J. Bale partnered with Sea Forest and Kingston farm in Tasmania to create a world-first methane-reduced wool from asparagopsis seaweed-fed Merino sheep. As part of the ‘Lightest Footprint’ project, this wool was turned into hand-knitted carbon neutral sweaters, created entirely in regional Australia and carried via engineless transport. The brand has also pioneered ‘single-source’ wool with its Kingston farm partner, reinvesting a percentage of every garment sold into on-farm biodiversity preservation and revegetation projects. In 2022 the Australian Financial Reviewlisted M.J. Bale as a Sustainability Leader.

Launched in 2009 by Founder & CEO, Matt Jensen, M.J. Bale has an 80-plus store network, including concession stores in David Jones and Myer.

‘M.J. Bale is committed to doing right by our customers and the community, so together we can do right by the world,’ reads the company’s Mission Statement.