Our Members



Bapcor Limited is Asia Pacific’s leading provider of vehicle parts, accessories, equipment, service and solutions. From our origins as Burson Auto Parts in 1971, Bapcor has since grown into a vertically integrated business servicing trade, wholesale and retail customers. Bapcor’s reach now extends across c.1,100 locations and employs approximately 5,000 team members across Australia, 
New Zealand and Asia. 

Bapcor Limited recognises that a sustainable and successful business is enhanced by engaging stakeholders, delivering shareholder wealth and optimising business operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Bapcor seeks to take an integrated approach towards economic, environmental and social sustainability, aligning company values and strategic direction with positive outcomes for Bapcor’s stakeholders and the wider communities in which we operate.  

Our Values – We give a damn, We are in it together, We get it done, We do the right thing – are at the core of what we do. Consistent with Our Values, Bapcor’s sustainability strategy is focused on four pillars: 

  1. Ethical supply chain / procurement: Ethical sourcing, forging strong supplier relationships and enhanced transparency. Ensuring products are sourced from ethical suppliers who comply with requirements such as the Modern Slavery Act. 
  2. Environmental sustainability: Making efficient use of our resources, optimising our fleet, and reducing waste. 
  3. Practise good governance – Supporting & developing our team members: Upholding our values and code of conduct, enhancing health and safety, training and developing our team members, and fostering a diverse and welcoming workplace.
  4. Positively impact our community: Engaging stakeholders and supporting the communities in which we operate. 

Bapcor has clearly defined targets in place and plans to accelerate our efforts across the four pillars of our sustainability strategy, as we strive towards being net carbon neutral.