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KFive Furniture


KFive Furniture is a contract furniture business with a passion for excellence for all things to do with furniture design, production and supply.

Incorporated in 2001 they operate out of their showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney. Working with Architects, Interior Designers and End Users KFive provides furniture, systems furniture and space solutions to a range of clients throughout Australia.

They support enterprises in the fields of education, healthcare, hospitality, commerce and the home.

They manufacture and produce a range of products in their Melbourne factory including items from Robin Boyd. Items are made under license and a royalty supports the Robin Boyd Foundation. They also import parts from several suppliers which they assemble and upholster locally.

The balance of their collection comes from Scandinavia and Italy. They represent Kinnarps one of the largest contract furniture manufacturers in the world based in Sweden.

In keeping with Scandinavian influences a high priority is placed upon sustainability in design and manufacture. This has been the case for over 20 years and continues to drive their suppliers towards the circular economy model.

If they were to summarize their endeavours they would say that their furniture is Humancentric. Every aspect of what they do is to support the user as they go about their activities. They strive to create a calming, flexible and productive space. One that enhances each individuals creative capacity.