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Healthcare Logic


Healthcare Logic is a southeast Queensland software company with a licence to commercialise Intellectual Property developed with Griffith University and Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service and developed a next-generation analytics platform ‘SystemView’ founded with clinicians, for clinicians, and borne out of experience in working in healthcare systems globally. Their mission is to drive hospital improvement and innovation, with a vision of making data insights accessible to every hospital executive, manager, and clinician.

In early 2013, they began developing the prototype to build what would eventually become SystemView; a tool enabling hospital staff and administrators to visualise data and monitor hospital demand, activity, and patient flow. By 2016, they had rolled out early versions of the system across 60 hospitals in Queensland, Australia.

In 2017, Healthcare Logic was formed after winning a significant grant that would enable the commercialisation of the product they now call SystemView. Backed by skilled developers, clinical experts, and hospital engagement teams, the original vision quickly came to life.

Healthcare Logic invested heavily in product development based on feedback from clinical users. This transformed SystemView into what it is today; a next generation hospital analytics platform.

Today, Healthcare Logic is a global company, with headquarters on the Gold Coast, Australia, with teams across Australia, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. There are now over 150 hospitals using or deploying SystemView across five jurisdictions, including Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Ireland and Ireland — with many more to come.

Product Summary: 

The SystemView platform provides insights into operational challenges across outpatients, surgery, emergency departments and inpatient bed flow, with the aim of creating a common language between clinical and operational staff, executives, and departments of health. SystemView integrates and transforms hospital data into a powerful tool for performance monitoring and smart decision making.