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Sea Forest


Sea Forest is an enviro-tech company focused on the sustainable cultivation of Asparagopsis seaweed. The company produces an Asparagopsis feed supplement for livestock which, when included in very low quantities, greatly reduces the production of methane from livestock, thereby addressing two of the most significant challenges of our time – creating solutions to fight climate change and generating more food with less resources.

While other feed additives and supplements have been found to reduce methane in livestock, none are as effective as Asparagopsis.

Sea Forest’s corporate strategy is to establish itself as a market leader through the sustainable, at-scale production of a consistent “high concentration” Asparagopsis which is produced in considerable volumes using the most efficient and effective production facilities and methodologies. Through farming and the licensing of its technology, Sea Forest aims to become the first and largest supplier of Asparagopsis in the world.

Sea Forest’s vision is to position Australia at the forefront of the fight against climate change within the beef, dairy, and wool industries and to support the growth of the Australian food manufacturing sector to become the world leader in producing an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and high-quality source of protein.

Our mission is to accelerate the world’s adoption of seaweed-based solutions to climate change.

To enact our strategy, Sea Forest has built a world leading Asparagopsis research team and has research partnerships with leading Australian and New Zealand universities. We have undertaken significant research in relation to the propagation, cultivation, harvesting, processing, and manufacture of seaweed products and have developed proprietary technologies to support an efficient and sustainable operation.

Sea Forest is also undertaking customer trials with beef, dairy, and wool companies with a view to determining the extent of potential demand and to lay the foundations for future commercial relationships.

Sea Forest’s sustainable cultivation technology unlocks the capacity to reduce global emissions by up to 15%, whilst establishing Australia as a hub of aquaculture technologies and pioneering the development of a new and environmentally positive Seaweed industry for Australia.