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EV Metals Group


Global Battery Materials & Technology for a Clean Energy Future

EV Metals Group plc (EVM) is a global battery materials and technology company committed to a clean energy future.

EVM is focused on the production of high purity chemicals and battery materials required in rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. Demand for these batteries is expected to increase substantially within the next decade due to the global transition to electrification and a low carbon economy. As structural deficits in the critical minerals required for rechargeable batteries emerge, EVM is ideally positioned to offer a sustainable supply of high purity chemicals and battery materials.

EVM is a fully integrated battery materials business and will produce cathode active materials (CAM) for electric vehicle and battery cell manufacturers in UK, Europe and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) seeking long term, transparent and geopolitically aligned supply chains.

EVM brings together lithium and nickel cobalt resources in Australia, designing chemistry refining capacity to be built in KSA with localised battery materials capability in mid/high nickel and LFP (lithium iron phosphate) in UK and Europe.

EVM is committed to working in ways that avoid, reduce and repurpose waste, and to the lowest possible carbon footprint. Their participation in the United Nations Global Compact will see them adhere to ten principles in relation to human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. EVM governance and policy frameworks are being developed to help EVM and their customers to achieve their sustainable development goals.

Incorporated in 2014, EVM is a private company with locations in Australia, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. EVM brings together a highly knowledgeable executive and management team with over 180 years of combined experience in midstream and downstream processing of minerals, metals and chemicals for global markets and upstream integration through exploration and mining.