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New Global Compact report: Joining Forces: Collaboration and Leadership for Sustainability

UN Global Compact Network Australia | January 12, 2015

A study of nearly 3,800 professionals and sustainability leaders has found that sustainability is continuing its march to the centre of business. Joining Forces: Collaboration and Leadership for Sustainability, jointly produced by MIT Sloan Management Review, the UN Global Compact and Boston Consulting Group, found that the practice of corporate sustainability is moving beyond ad hoc opportunistic efforts to embrace a more strategic approach that pursues transformational goals, frequently through partnerships that engage multiple entities, including competitors, suppliers, governments and NGOs.

“The network of interdependencies among companies, governments and the public has created a world of mutual reliance, in which collaboration is a necessary route to progress. Companies need to reach out to others if they want to address sustainability challenges, help shape the social context in which they operate and even explore vital new market opportunities.”

The study also looked at board engagement as a driver of sustainability. For more info, click here.


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