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Global Opportunity Report 2015: 5 critical risks; 15 key opportunities

UN Global Compact Network Australia | January 20, 2015

The inaugural Global Opportunity Report, a collaboration between the UN Global Compact, DNV GL and think tank Monday Morning Global Institute, was released on 20 January. The report surveyed over 6,000 business and public sector leaders and 200 sustainability experts  with the aim of identifying opportunities and ideas for sustainable development that resonate with decision-makers.

“Together we have proved how five major global risks (the lack of fresh water, unsustainable urbanization, continued lock-in to fossil fuels, the rise in non-communicable diseases, and extreme weather) can be turned into 15 opportunities. Opportunities that serve as economic and social game-changers – for a safe and sustainable future. These 15 opportunities have been substantiated by more than 120 successful solutions, each of which inspires action and guides us towards the path of hope and prosperity.

Besides the mapping of a wide range of opportunities, the Global Opportunity Report provides an updated insight into the drivers of a new solutions economy. This includes a breakdown of which countries and sectors that appear to have the most innovative mindsets, and how different business sectors prioritize the opportunities. The results provide a unique insight that is both interesting and sometimes surprising. And they further stimulate the ongoing efforts to map the opportunities and solutions that allow us to build a safer and more sustainable tomorrow. In the end, the report shows how business and other societal stakeholders can turn global risks into strong and viable business opportunities that will contribute to a more equal, resilient and prosperous society.”

Access the report here.


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