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Foreign Minister announces new partnership between DFAT and GCNA to drive business engagement in sustainable development

UN Global Compact Network Australia | August 31, 2015

This morning, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Julie Bishop MP announced a new strategic partnership between DFAT and the Global Compact Network Australia (GCNA). The two-year partnership seeks to drive business engagement in sustainable development and the Global Compact. The GCNA convened a CEO Roundtable with the Minister for the launch.

2015 is a watershed year for the global sustainable development agenda. In September, the UN will launch the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which will set global development priorities to 2030 and apply to both developing and developed countries. The SDGs are wide ranging, covering poverty, climate change, gender equality, water, education, sustainable cities and infrastructure, food security, sustainable production and consumption – among other issues.

As the primary driver of economic activity, sustainable development cannot be achieved without business. There is also a compelling business case for engagement. At its core, sustainable development is about addressing unmet needs – poverty, inequality, nutrition, education. There is strong alignment between addressing these issues and fostering stable enabling environments for business, creating more resilient supply chains and building new markets.

Under the new partnership, the GCNA has established the GCNA Sustainable Development Leadership Group, which will provide a platform for business and stakeholders to engage in learning, dialogue and action around sustainable development and the SDGs. The Leadership Group will also provide an interface between business and DFAT, supporting the implementation of the Australian Government’s new aid policy, which emphasises private sector engagement and development.

The GCNA will be convening a number of Sustainable Development Leadership Group forums and activities.
Keep an eye out for announcements.

Read the GCNA partnership media release here. Read more about the GCNA Sustainable Development Leadership Group here.

Photo: Alice Cope, Executive Manager, GCNA, the Hon. Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Catherine Hunter, Chair, GCNA announce GCNA/DFAT partnership (31 August 2015, Sydney)

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