Tom Dickson

Chair, Australian OECD National Contact Point

Mr Tom Dickson is the Senior Official responsible for the AusNCP function within the Australian Department of the Treasury. Tom is an Assistant Secretary in Treasury’s Market Conduct and Digital Division and is responsible for matters related to corporations law.

Tom is currently leading teams that are implementing the Government’s commitments to introduce a new register of beneficial ownership for companies and other structures such as trusts, reforming Australia’s financial reporting bodies to introduce new climate and sustainability reporting standards and advising on reforms to improve insolvency laws.

Recently, Tom led projects that culminated in new laws to stabilise the price of wholesale domestic gas, the introduction of a new corporate investment vehicle to attract foreign investment, the introduction of the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code; legislation to modernise business communications and facilitate electronic commerce; and laws to streamline insolvency and other business processes to help manage the impacts of COVID-19.

Tom’s other roles in government have included leading teams that advised on ways to reduce the regulatory burden experienced by businesses, banking and finance policy through the global financial crisis, managing Australia’s hosting of the G-20, competition policy, and digital policy.