Dr Ebony Birchall

Lecturer, Macquarie University’s Law School; Deputy Director. BHR Access to Justice Lab (A2J Lab)

Dr Ebony Birchall is a Lecturer at Macquarie University’s Law School and Deputy Director of the BHR Access to Justice Lab (A2J Lab). Her work aims to bridge power imbalances between corporations and communities by conducting research, developing practical tools, building capacity, and offering pro bono assistance to affected rightsholders to seek access to justice for corporate human rights abuses.

Prior to joining Macquarie University, Ebony practised as a lawyer for over a decade at the forefront of Australian-based strategic litigation. Her notable cases include the Manus Island Class Action, Australia’s largest human rights case at the time of resolution, which resulted in the Australian Government and the corporations who operated the detention facility paying $90million in compensation and costs.