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Shine Solutions


Founded in 1998, Shine is a leading IT consultancy and software development services provider with a team of 150+ consultants and engineers, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Shine is trusted by major enterprise and government partners to deliver leading-edge cloud and on-premise software engineering solutions. They’re a growing team of more than 150 consulting engineers, architects, quality engineers and analysts who are passionate about delivering technical excellence and business value. They have a people-nurturing culture that deeply supports technical experts to innovate and share their knowledge with clients and the wider community.

At Shine, Integrity is more than just a platitude. It’s ingrained in all that they do – from their carbon neutral footprint to philanthropic activities, to conducting regular reviews of their actions to ensure that they foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Shine believes that creating a diverse team, which includes individuals from different backgrounds and with varying experiences, skills, and perspectives, will drive innovation, creativity, and success.