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Piping Hot Australia


Piping Hot is one of Australia’s most popular and well-loved surf brands. Born from the ocean, Piping Hot is synonymous with Australia’s coastal lifestyle, offering a full range of sustainable fashion, footwear and accessories for families. The brand is available through selected retailers and e-commerce sites. 

The ocean has degraded significantly since the brand started in 1975, and is under threat from plastic pollution, industry pollution and climate change. With an eye to the future, Piping Hot is now on a mission to protect and serve the oceans as the most sustainable and affordable surf-wear offer in the market.  

Focusing on transparency, circularity and recycled materials, all Piping Hot products are made with low impact materials. We have completely redesigned our entire model from mission and material design, to operations and collaborations. Being tied to the ocean, our framework is focused on water stewardship, preventing plastic pollution and developing a circular model that minimises harm to our ecosystems. We have analysed our environmental impact from design to end of life and consider available best practices through our entire operations and supply chain.  

We take a systemic approach to implementing change and have identified five key impact areas in our business that will accelerate our progress towards a sustainable future. The impact areas are integrated with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Finding effective solutions that are ready to scale is an on-going challenge. As a result, we have been working closely with climate and ocean scientists to develop material innovations to transform the fashion industry and protect oceans for future generations.