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Towards an Australian National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights: Business Roundtable Consultations

02 Jun

9:00 am - 11:30 am

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The Global Compact Network Australia and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) invite you to a business roundtable to consider the development of an Australian National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. Roundtables will be held in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

There is growing momentum around National Action Plans (NAPs) for the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). The Australian Government has also indicated a growing interest in exploring the value of developing a coherent statement of policy on business and human rights and has confirmed it will conduct national consultations on UNGPs implementation during 2016.

Consultations with business will commence at these roundtables, which will facilitate an exchange on initial views regarding whether Australian businesses consider that a NAP or other policy statement would be constructive, what elements it might include and how it should be developed. DFAT will also consult with other stakeholder groups.

To date, ten countries have launched NAPs (including the UK), and 26 others are in the process of developing one (including the US), and there is growing pressure on the Australian Government – including from other governments, NGOs and the broader international community – to do the same.

Traditionally NAPs provide a way for governments to set out their expectations of business in relation to respecting human rights at home and abroad, provide clarity on the role of different government actors in supporting business and other stakeholders and as the name suggests, set out a plan for further actions which may help the government to fill any current implementation gaps regarding the UNGPs. This may include further discussions around regulatory measures.

These GCNA/DFAT business roundtables offer an opportunity for business to provide initial signposts to the Australian Government as their process of consideration of a NAP gets underway, and answer key questions for business including:

  • What is a National Action Plan on business and human rights?
  • Which countries have NAPs or are in the process of developing them?
  • What are the sorts of measures they include?
  • How might an Australian NAP impact your company and the broader Australian business community?
  • How have NAPs been developed overseas, in what ways have business been involved, and could/should these processes be followed here?
  • Where is the Australian Government currently at in relation to developing a NAP, and what are the Government’s initial thoughts on what the final consultation process could look like?
  • What work might your company need to do in light of the consultation process?

To ensure free conversation, these roundtables are invitation only and exclusively for business representatives, and will be held under the Chatham House rule.

Please contact us to express interest in participating.

Sydney – Wednesday, 25 May
Melbourne – Tuesday, 31 May
Perth – Thursday, 2 June

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