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Measuring Impact: How business accelerates the Sustainable Development Goals

29 Aug

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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In September 2015, all 193 Member States of the United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This September marks four years since the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted. Heads of states, governments and businesses will convene for the first time at the UN to review progress and assess what the major challenges and opportunities there are for achieving the SDGs by 2030.

This is a critical moment in time for governments and businesses. The SDGs not only provide us with a clear roadmap of where we need to be by 2030 to create a more sustainable world, they also provide businesses, governments, civil society organisations and academic institutions with the chance to create new opportunities, develop new innovations and build new markets through which new economies can be built.

Business inclusion in this area is of critical importance. Business is not just a participant in the SDGs – it has the potential to be a catalyst and accelerator of sustainable development around the world.

Whilst monitoring of the SDGs is a responsibility for national governments, businesses can take an active role in having their contributions represented and ensuring that their actions are measured and support government goals and aspirations.

The Global Compact Network Australia in partnership with RMIT University is pleased to be hosting a networking lunch, followed by a roundtable discussion where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage with a number of experts who will highlight global SDG trends and unpack the various reporting frameworks;
  • Hear from RMIT as they present the results of their research and share how the top 150 ASX companies are reporting against the SDGs;
  • Understand what businesses can do to track and measure progress on the SDGs;
  • Unpack what business tools, impact measurement and sustainability reports exist and how they can support this process;
  • Explore key examples from across the academic, civil society and government space and draw from their experiences in measuring impact;
  • Share knowledge and ideas with other sectoral leaders on how to identify, action and report on SDG practices and their impacts; and
  • Identify the key challenges and opportunities that will emerge as result of measuring, monitoring and evaluating the business contributions to the SDGs.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Meg Jones, former Chief, Economic Empowerment, UN Women

Expert Panel Speakers:

  • John Purcell, Policy Advisor Corporate Regulation, CPA Australia
  • Julia Bilyanska, Director Sustainability and Risk Assurance, KPMG
  • Molly Hariss Olson, CEO Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand; Member of Board of Directors, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Rod Glover, Professor & Director at Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University
  • Nava Subramaniam (Facilitator), Professor of Accounting, RMIT University


Please note that registration is strictly on an invitation only and ‘first come, first served’ basis. Seats are limited so please do manage these registrations internally before registering. Register here.

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