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The Ethics Centre


The Ethics Centre (formerly known as St James Ethics Centre) is an independent not-for-profit organisation that has been working for over 25 years to improve lives and support communities built on strong ethical foundations.

Our primary role is to relieve distress faced by those struggling with complex ethical challenges, and to alleviate personal and community suffering caused by ethical failure. By creating a safe space for people to work through their most difficult ethical issues, we help them gain the insight and tools to navigate complexity and move beyond uncertainty, to make sound ethical decisions.

The Ethics Centre remains the only organisation in the world providing practical guidance on complex ethical issues across all levels of society. Within communities and across continents, we work with individuals and families, organisations and industries, militaries and governments, to help people embed ethics at the centre of their decisions and actions.

The widespread need for our services directly informs how we work. We design unique modes of engagement appropriate to the diversity, complexity and scale of those needs. These range from our free phone counselling service and mediation work through to ethics consulting, education programs, events, publications and advocacy campaigns.

Across all our work, the same goal drives what we do: to bring people together, create a safe space for open and honest dialogue, and provide the guidance, wisdom and support to equip people to live ethically.

The world is shaped by the choices people make. By learning to navigate and recover from the most distressing ethical challenges, individuals and organisations acquire the insights and tools to make ethical decisions throughout their daily lives. In this way, our work relieves the symptoms of ethical failure – while also helping to prevent its causes, empowering people to shape our world for the better.

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